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The new album "Hell on the western line" out now! You can find it for digital download on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and a lot of digital stores!
On stage again in Parma at Tosco's pub!
New video out now on FB page!
Wolfshade live again at tonic in Parma! Iron Maiden night!


The Wolfshade's discography
'Hell on the western line' track list Hell on the western line the last album from Wolfshade,
released in 2015

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'Hell on the western line' track list
The Wolfshade's discography

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All Wolfshade's videos
watch video 'Wayhome' "Wayhome", the last video Wolfshade's video, from the album 'Hell on the western line'

watch video 'Wayhome'
All Wolfshade's videos


The story of Wolfshade
The story began in 2005 when Eugenio Apparuti was the singer and leader of the cover metal band Blood & Wine. The four member band was based in an old dismissed shed in the countryside near the city of Modena (Northern Italy). After months and months of tough reharsal the rural stable (shattered and rattled) attended at the birth and rapid growth of a pure hard & heavy sound, late '70's oriented, that flowed into songs. And out of hours of amazing R&R jams. The songs became demos and rough mixed tapes. After a period of rest in early 2010 the band definitely split up even though faith and belief were still strong and alive so that Eugenio decided to gather all the stuff produced in the years past and give birth to a new band. This was the start of WOLFSHADE. In late 2010 Eugenio Apparuti, Emilio Pardo and Luke Fortini formed the of the new team that began working on the old songs...